welcome to havens, a chic and sophisticated shop located in the historic uptown neighborhood of the charleston peninsula. opened by havens blanton in january 2017, our store fills a unique niche in the charleston market by offering exclusive labels and unconventional designers.

havens blanton founded havens to address what she felt was a gap in the charleston fashion scene. our shop is edgy, chic, and sophisticated, carrying labels that are exclusive to our store in the local market. unlike anything else in charleston, havens showcases designers discovered during havens' travels from paris to new york. she gravitates towards lines that fit her personal aesthetic: rock and roll with feminine, ethereal touches. havens is a place for creative clothing that transitions seamlessly from cocktail to street, breaking away from traditional fashion seasons.

at havens, we believe shopping should be an enjoyable experience that lifts women’s spirits and allows them to express their unique style. our philosophy is all about having fun while discovering unique items you love. as havens blanton says, "my clothes are for women with a creative and interesting style. to me, clothes provide a creative outlet. i love to find new and unusual, independent designers that you won’t see anywhere else."

we pride ourselves on providing a personalized shopping experience. we all work closely with customers to understand their style and preferences, ensuring a curated selection that feels uniquely theirs. 

we are dedicated to making your shopping experience exceptional. please reach out to us with any questions or to schedule a personalized shopping session:

thank you for choosing havens. we look forward to helping you find pieces that inspire and innovate.