havens blanton opened the doors of her new shop, havens, in the historic uptown neighborhood of the charleston peninsula in january of 2017. An answer to what she felt was a hole in the charleston market, havens is edgy, chic, sophisticated, and only carries labels that are exclusive in local markets to the store.

unlike anything else in charleston, havens finds unconventional designers from her travels and from markets paris to new york city. she gravitates towards lines that fit into her personal aesthetic, rock and roll with feminine, ethereal touches. havens is a place for creative clothing that is wearable, cocktail to street, without the structure of seasons.

havens shopping philosophy is all about having a good time while finding a unique item that you love. “i think shopping should be a fun experience, breaking the ordinary and lifting women’s spirits. my clothes are for women with a creative and interesting style. to me, clothes give us a creative outlet. i love to find new and unusual, independent designers that you won’t see anywhere else in charleston,” says blanton.
we work with our customer closely and provide a sort of personal shopping experience.